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Mixed feelings

Everytime it's a part of me that slips away a part that makes me want to be faded.
Day after night an impossible fight between my heart and my mind.
Anger, fear disappointments I just want my mind to be locked.
Gazing like a hawk thinking you got me hot but you're wrong.
Staring in my eyes thinking I'm craving for your love.
Trying to deny trying to find a reason to hide.
Stop wasting my time stop playing with my mind.
All I want is love all I want you to do is consume my mind. Nothing is good enough I want to get lost into my feelings I want it to tear me apart.
It has to be mad it has to be passionate come and feed my appetite.
Feeling lost feeling stuck tears dissappear memories gone far away.
Wanting to love wanting to feel but it's too much for me. Looking for a thrill looking for a way too not feel flip the switch and stop caring is what I tell myself but I can't. Everytime I say I'm done I'm running back in your arms it's toxic it's danger it's the only way I can love. You're crawling under my skin I want you to tease me I want you to want me.

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